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Ayurveda Fever Treatement Doctor

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Ayurveda Fever Treatement Doctor



      Cough & Cold
      Asthma Bronchitis
      Arthritis & Rheumatism
      Hyper Acidity
      Epilepsy & Hysteria
      Skin Diseases & Allergy
      Intestinal Worms
      Hair Problems
      Sexual Debility
      Diarrhoea & Dysentery
      Chronic Fever
      High Blood Pressure
      Heart Tonic
      Liver Tonic
      Eye Tonic
      Female Sterility
      Male Sterility
      Brain Tonic
      Chronic Constipation
      Thyroid Problems
      Prostate Enlargement
      Stones in Urinary Tract
      Throat Diseases
      Dental Diseases
      Parkinson's Diseases
     Acti. of Blood Circulation
      High Cholestrol

  Chronic Fever

Composition :

    1. Tinospora cordifolia (stems) 15%,

    2. Ocimum sanctum (leaves) 15%,

    3. Adhatoda vasica (leaves) 15%,

    4. Azadirachta indica (leaves) 15%,

    5. Holarrhena antidysenterica (bark) 10%,

    6. Piper longum (fruits) 10%,

    7. Zinziber officinale (roots) 10%,

    8. Terminalia bellirica (fruits) 10%.

Dosage :

About 4 gms. powder should be given to the patient, twice daily before meals with water or honey.

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Herbal Remedies

Children's Herbal Antibiotic Formula

Comfrey - Elderberry Cold and Fever Remedy
This remedy reduces fever associated with cold by inducing perspiration.

Delicious Cold Remedy
This delicious cold remedy will get rid of symptoms of cold pretty fast. It will also clean your system.

Ginger Tea
The Best Cold Remedy from the Orient.

Herbal Cold Tea
This herbal tea, described as one of the best cold remedies, helps handle fever and reduce achiness, congestion, and inflammation associated with common cold.

Herbal Fever Remedy
Useful for treating common cold and fever.

Hyssop Tea
Prevents Colds and Infections.

Peppermint-Rosemary-Elder Flu Remedy
This remedy is good for colds with flu Symptoms.

Psyllium - Boneset Flu Remedy
This remedy is useful for flu as well as for backaches and headaches.

Royal Herbal Tea For Severe Colds
Useful to treat severe cold symptoms.

Traditional Peppermint Cure for Fever
This remedy helps to break a fever by causing the recipient to perspire.

Ayurvedic Medicine Remedies

Aconitum Fever Remedy
This Ayurvedic herbal remedy is useful for fever with diarrhea.

Aconite-Mustaka Home Remedy
This remedy is useful for fever, diarrhea and irritability of the stomach.

Akara Karabhadi Churna
This Ayurvedic remedy is used for impotence and chronic bowel complaints.

Arka Taila (Arka Tailam)
This Ayurvedic remedy is useful in eczema and eruptive skin diseases. It relieves the pain and burning in scorpion and insect bites. It has many other uses.

Arjuna Heart Tonic
This is a remedy highly recommended by Ayurveda physicians for heart diseases complicated with endocarditis, mitral regurgitation, pericarditis, angina, etc.

Apamarga Taila
This Ayurvedic remedy is useful for noise in the ears, deafness, and for nose-bleeding.

Ashvagandha Ghrita
This Ayurvedic remedy promotes the nutrition and strength of children.

Ashvagandha Herbal Invigorator
This Ayurvedic herbal remedy is useful for consumption, seminal debility, and to help the nutrition of weak children.

Ashvagandha - Vidari Combination
This Ayurvedic remedy is useful as an aphrodisiac and invigorator.

Balachatur bhadraka
This Ayurvedic herbal remedy is useful for fever with diarrhea.

Balataila (Bala Taila, Bala Thailam)
This Ayurvedic herbal oil is used for nervous diseases, facial paralysis, and sciatica. It is very efficacious in curing those diseases when they are due to inflammation of the nerves. It is also used as a cardiac tonic.

Dhatri Arista
An Ayurvedic remedy for jaundice, dyspepsia, indigestion, and cough.

Dhatri Leha
An Ayurvedic remedy for anemia, jaundice and dyspepsia.

This Ayurvedic herbal remedy is useful for fever with diarrhea.

Mashabaladi Kvatha
This Ayurvedic remedy is useful for hemiplegia, stiff-neck, facial paralysis and noise in the ears with headache.

Narayana Taila
This Ayurvedic remedy is recommended for consumption, emaciation of children and rheumatism and as an enema in dysentery and anal fistulae.

Pellitory Combination Herbal Powder
This Ayurvedic remedy is useful for Epilepsy.

Pellitory Combination Pill
This Ayurvedic remedy is useful for irritability of temper, wakefulness, painful dentition, diarrhea, colic and vomiting in children.

Saindha Vadya Taila
This is a compound oil traditionally used in Ayurveda for treating sciatica and other forms of rheumatism.

Samasarkara Churna
This is an Ayurvedic Remedy used for dyspepsia, loss of appetite and piles.

Saubhagya Sunti
This is an Ayurvedic remedy used as a carminative tonic in dyspepsia and in disorders of the alimentary canal in females after confinement.

Dhana-ni-dala Remedy
This Ayurvedic remedy is useful as a digestive, carminative and stomachic.

Coriander Digestive Mix
This Ayurvedic remedy is great as a digestive aid.

This remedy is useful in diseases of genito-urinary system, chordee, etc.

Coriander Poppy Seed Remedy
This remedy is useful for vertigo

Ginger Rhubarb Digestive Remedy
This is an Ayurvedic child's digestive.

Ginger Rhubarb Tonic
This is an Ayurvedic tonic useful for digestion.

Ginger Ajowan Indigestion Remedy
An Ayurvedic home remedy for indigestion.

Ginger Stomach-ache Remedy
Ayurvedic home remedy for stomach-ache.

Ginger Remedy for Fainting
This is a good home remedy for fainting. It will also help stupor, delirium and senselessness caused by brain fever.

Ginger Headache Remedy
This is a great remedy for neuralgic head ache.

Sunta Ghrita
This is an Ayurvedic remedy for rheumatism.

Ginger Remedy for Dropsy
This is an Ayurvedic remedy for dropsy.

Triphala Guggula
This Ayurvedic home remedy is useful in treating gonorrhea, dropsy, fistula, foul ulcers, and syphilis.

Jatamansi Cinnamon Home Remedy
This Ayurvedic home remedy is useful for flatulence, colicky pains, gastrodynia, and hysterical affections.

Jatamansi-Aloe Home Remedy
This Ayurvedic home remedy is used in epilepsy, hysteria and convulsions.

Jatamansi Tonic
This Ayurvedic home remedy is used as a tonic for general debility and seminal weakness.

Jatamansi Saffron Home Remedy
This Ayurvedic home remedy is used in tubercular adenitis and for scorpion sting.

Susruta's Epilepsy Remedy
This is a classical Ayurveda remedy for epilepsy.

Kanchanar Guggul
This is an Ayurvedic remedy for ulcers, skin diseases, TB tumors, gonorrhea, and edema. It is also prescribed to increase the white blood cells.

Katuki - Neem Remedy
This Ayurvedic decoction is useful for bilious fever.

Katuki Calamus Remedy for Dyspepsia
This is an Ayurvedic home remedy for dyspepsia with severe pains.

Saffron Classic Remedy
This Ayurvedic remedy is useful for chronic diarrhea, chronic discharges and seminal weakness.

Laghu Pata Remedy for colic
This Ayurvedic remedy is often prescribed for colic.

Oriental Medicine Remedies

Bojenmi Chinese Tea (Reduce Fat Tea)
This Chinese herbal formula is useful for combating weight gain and obesity. It has beneficial effects on the Stomach and Spleen, dispels Dampness and phlegm, invigorates Qi, promotes urination, and reduces fat.

Bu Nao Wan (Supplement Brain Pills)
This Chinese herbal remedy calms the spirit, clears heart phlegm, nourishes heart yin, supplements blood, heart, and kidney. It is recommended for anxiety attacks and for poor concentration/memory.

Bu Xue Tiao Jing Pian (Nourish Blood Regulate Menstruation Tablets)
This Chinese herbal remedy normalizes menstruation, nourishes Blood, regulates Qi, strengthens Kidney and Spleen, and warms the uterus. It is used for PMS and other menstrual indications.

Bu Zhong Vi Qi Wan (Nourish Middle-Warmer Strengthen Qi Pills)
This Chinese herbal formula raises Yang Qi, regulates stomach and spleen function, and strengthens Qi. Useful for treating Hemorrhoids and Indigestion.

Cai Feng Zhen Zhu An Chuang Wan (Margarite Acne Pills)
This Chinese herbal remedy Clears Heat, clears the Surface, cools Blood, dispels Toxins, and promotes Blood circulation. It is used for treating acne.

Chuan Bel Jing Pian (Fritillaria Extract Tablets)
This Chinese herbal remedy Calms the Lung, eliminates phlegm, and stops cough. It is used to treat respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, and coughs.

Chuan Bel Pi Pa Gao (Fritillaria Loquat Syrup)
This Chinese herbal remedy Clears Lung Heat, moistens the Lung, and stops cough. It is used in treating cough.

Gan Mao Dan (Common Cold and Flu Pills)
This remedy expels wind-heat, reduces fever, relieves chest congestion, stops cough. Main use is in treating Flu (Influenza)

Sang Ju Yin Pian (Mulberry Leaf Chrysanthemum Drink Tablets)
This remedy dispels Wind-Heat in Upper Burner, stops cough, opens stagnant Lung Qi. Used for cold.

Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian (Lonicera Forsythia Detoxification Tablets)
This remedy expels Wind-Heat Invasion from exterior. Used for common cold.

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